Imagined technological advancements or natural settings which are currently unreal in the present day but could be invented, caused, or explained by science in the future. The narrative of science fiction (Sci-Fi or SF) stories focuses on the societal or individual reprecussions caused by the imagined technology or natural phenomenon, and are frequently dystopian in nature.Sufficient world-building is required for a work to be Sci-Fi; an alien simply visiting from outer space and living on Earth with unusual powers would be Supernatural. Characters in Sci-Fi stories can have unnatural powers without a Fantasy/Supernatural tag, but there should be a plausible scientific reason for these powers described by the creator. A futuristic setting with impossible, unexplained powers (e.g. humans randomly evolved to control the weather via thought) would be Fantasy.

Real Man (Dogado)

Ch.126 March 23, 2023
Ch.119 January 21, 2023
Ch.118 January 18, 2023

In The Bleak Midwinter

Ch.066 March 23, 2023
Ch.065 March 23, 2023
Ch.064 March 23, 2023

World’s Apocalypse Online

Ch.216 March 22, 2023
Ch.214 March 20, 2023
Ch.213 March 20, 2023

Super God Gene

Ch.102 March 22, 2023
Ch.101 March 14, 2023
Ch.100 March 7, 2023

The Beginning From Gu Huo Niao

Ch.028 March 22, 2023
Ch.027 March 22, 2023
Ch.026 March 7, 2023

Cyber Crazy Moon

Ch.019 March 18, 2023
Ch.018 March 18, 2023
Ch.017 March 18, 2023

Pick Me Up!

Ch.025 March 17, 2023
Ch.024 March 17, 2023
Ch.023 March 17, 2023

Legend of Star General

Ch.104 March 15, 2023
Ch.103 March 8, 2023
Ch.102 March 1, 2023

Director Kim

Ch.077 March 15, 2023
Ch.076 March 6, 2023
Ch.075 February 27, 2023
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